Keystone has both the support of top executive teams as well as the benefit of leveraging its synergistic relationships with partner companies.

The founding principals of Keystone are based on the idea that: “In order to deal with clients, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and competitors in an honorable way, transparency is essential; honorable organizations are willing to be accountable and to hold others accountable.” In all aspects of business, Keystone has placed this ideal as the essential building block (or “KEYSTONE”) that holds all others in place to support the creation and development of excellent organizational structure. Without fail, Keystone is committed to sustaining an environment that rewards positive behaviors and curtails dishonest dealings. Keystone Restoration is committed to the same founding principles which are evident in all of its operations.

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Keystone's core business is restoring properties that have been damaged by hail, wind, fire or water in markets that are most susceptible to damaging weather events. We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality and value for our Clients. Every Restoration Project incorporates a dedicated Project Manager who utilizes the combined knowledge and resources of our Urgent Response, Estimating, Claims Processing, Legal, Production, and Quality Assurance teams to execute superior Restoration work. In fact, EVERY Restoration project that Keystone facilitates restores the property to better-than pre-loss condition by improving it with new materials and quality workmanship. In addition, our sound quality assurance processes and comprehensive manufacturer-backed warranty programs ensure that our Clients can enjoy worry-free use of their improved property for many years to come.

Keystone’s commitment to serving Residential and Commercial Restoration markets is the product of recognizing the acute need for honorable organizations to step forward and command change. For most property owners, the prospect of dealing with an unexpected loss in enough in itself. Navigating the challenges associated with the subversive behaviors often associated with the Restoration industry is demoralizing and unproductive. People in crisis simply do not have the time or inclination to deal with temporary repairs, locate temporary housing, inventory damaged/lost items, find qualified contractors, meet insurance adjusters or deal with any part of the tedious insurance claims process. No one relishes the prospect of fighting with a mortgage company for the release of their insurance proceeds; scheduling, supervising and inspecting work, dealing with material suppliers and building inspectors, collecting receipts and invoices, etc. As an alternative to being overwhelmed, residential and commercial disaster victims can easily turn to Keystone for expert help.

In addition to sterling Restoration work, we utilize the deep knowledge and experience of our employees and subcontractors to incorporate energy-efficient and sustainable building products and methods into our building practices. From custom design to ground-up construction we can facilitate virtually any project that our Clients envision.

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