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Our partner companies provide a wide range of seasonal and year-round services such as Home & Office Cleaning, Landscape Maintenance, Snow & Ice Removal, Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Weatherization, Pressure Washing, and even Holiday Decorating on an annual contract basis. Service contracts are geared toward delivery of services and do not necessarily commit clients to a specific service or regimen of services. Rather, Keystone clients may conveniently schedule services as they wish via telephone or web-form. With Keystone standing behind the delivery and quality of all professional services, clients know that the job is done right, done on time, and is guaranteed by an organization with an higher level of accountability than the typical service provider. In fact, Keystone maintains a substantial General Liability Insurance.

Keystone manages service projects using a comprehensive web-based software that utilizes three levels of control and accountability. This platform is accessible from any computer or smart-phone which ensures that information is managed smoothly - even on the go. Most services are delivered through a comprehensive network of pre-qualified subcontractors but Keystone facilitates Cleaning Services in-house as a matter of discretion and quality control. All Keystone employees that clean homes and/or offices endure a thorough background check by a reputable third-party as well as extensive hands-on training from the KPS in-house cleaning expert..

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) "Does Keystone give free estimates?"

Earning your business is very important to us and every effort is made to provide service that is useful to our prospective clients. Like most construction companies, Keystone will create a free estimate if our prospect has complete specifications in hand for a construction project. Alternatively, if the prospective client does not have complete specifications and design, engineering, site evaluation, etc. is required, free estimating services will be extended only a case by case basis.

In situations where the project is related to a 'Covered Loss' and repair costs are to be funded by insurance proceeds, Keystone will provide a free, comprehensive inspection to evaluate the scope of the project. However, complete estimating services are unavailable to prospective clients. This policy is for the good of both Keystone and prospective clients. In our experience, allowing prospective clients to use our written estimate in the insurance claims process is akin to giving them just enough rope to hang themselves. Furthermore we want to prevent our estimates from being misused and/or our relationship with a prospective client from being misrepresented to an insurance company as that would undermine our credibility and could make us party to insurance fraud.

2.) "I have a good friend who is a painter. Can Keystone use him as a subcontractor on my project?"

The short answer is yes... taking into consideration, Safety, Competency, Availability, and Value

Excellent service is Keystone's top priority. When considering your friend, what you want and what you need may be two different things.
When we consider a new subcontractor, we first look at safety, then competency, then availability, then value.
From a safety standpoint, your friend MUST have adequate liability insurance (damage to your property) and workers compensation insurance (damage to himself), otherwise it would be unethical and dangerous for us to put them on your project.

3.) "If I file a claim will my insurance company drop my coverage?"

Allow us to respond by asking a question: "If you do not file a claim and the lost equity in your home goes un-addressed or you perform your repairs out-of-pocket, what the heck was your insurance for?"

The real answer is three part:

4.) "I cannot afford my insurance deductible, how can I avoid paying it?"

5.) "Storm-Chasers keep knocking on my door. How can I make them stop?"

They really 'come out of the woodwork', don't they? In most Municipalities, solicitors are required to work through a licensing process and carry/display a solicitor's or canvasser's permit. Unfortunately, most property owners are unaware of this requirement. The fact is, (regardless whether your municipality has a permit process or not) if you have a "No Soliciting" sign prominently posted on your property, anyone who solicits is committing a crime by trespassing. Storm-Chasers like to argue that they are not soliciting because they are "giving away" a service via their "free inspection".

However, in virtually every instance that we have examined, this defense cannot hold up. You have every right to call the police to report someone who is soliciting without a permit/license or when a salesman knocks on your door in spite of your "No Soliciting" sign. In fact the more property owners who actively report violators the better.

Storm-Chasers are ruining our industry. They show up for a limited period of time, take millions of dollars out of our communities, and often leave behind shoddy work. No one likes to be a "rat" or "whistle-blower" but in this instance, call the police, right away, every time. We actually maintain a database of "No Soliciting" violators so feel free to report someone HERE.

6.) "I would like to perfom some of the restoration work myself; is there any reason why I can't?"

Many property owners have more time than money and like the idea of performing some of their own restoration work.

'Fair Market Value' can be yours if you properly document it (and Keystone will help you with that the same as any one of our subcontractors). First, make sure that you agree with your General Contractor in advance as to the scope of work that you will be performing and the dollar amount that it is worth. Secondly, be prepared to invoice your General Contractor for your work so that you will be entitled to receive full 'Fair Market Value'. Thirdly, to be completely legitimate, your General Contractor should send you a form 1099 for the labor/wages portion of the work that you performed. Be sure to keep receipts for any materials that you purchased and provide copies to your General Contractor.

7.) "Do I get to choose my own materials?"

In a word, "Yes"! The only parameter is that your insurance policy will limit reimbursement (replacement cost) to "like kind and quality". So, for instance, if you are replacing a 30-year Asphalt Composition Roof, you may choose any brand of 30-year asphalt composition shingle without having an issue. However, if you wish to "upgrade", your insurance company will not reimburse for the difference in price.

8.) "Shingles keep blowing off my roof. Should I file an insurance claim?"


Not without a competent Restoration Contractor looking at it first. Insurance Claims can only be made for a "Covered Peril" which is an event such as hailstorm, lightning strike, tornado, etc.

If your insurance company's Adjuster determines that the lost shingles are not the result of a specific event/covered peril, you are required to replace the lost chingles or risk losing your insurance policy; or even worse, having to file a claim for water damage due to negligence in maintining your roof (which the insurance company may not pay for).

One of the most common mistakes that property owners make (often because a "roofer" told them to) is filing an insurance claim without knowing the covered peril that caused the damage and/or the date of loss.

9.) "My Adjuster said that the damage to my property is minimal and would not exceed my deductible. Should I ask him to cancel my claim?"

Insurance is a tricky business.

Once you file a claim, whether or not you cancel the claim, it's already filed as a claim in their system. This may not necessarily cause you harm in the future, but it could. The proper sequence is to find a Trusted Contractor (Keystone) who specializes in insurance claims to determine if a claim is warranted. The trusted contractor should know if a claim is warranted, and should advise you accordingly.

But, to answer your question... No, in fact, you should make sure that your Adjuster documents everything that was damaged and assigns a dollar value to his scope of loss. There are many reasons for doing this but the three most important are:

  • Insurance Adjusters are sometimes not as thorough as a competent Restoration Contractor will be. The Adjuster is looking at direct damage but may not be considering the additional work required to pull the damaged area apart and put it back together with new materials (or current building codes). Another possiblity is that adjusters typically are so overwhelmed with the adjustment volume (usually because of the same peril you've experienced) and they are rushed. Most Adjusters are good people who need to complete a task, they get most of the items, but seldom all...

  • Keystone typically finds additial damage that can raise your claim as much as 20-30%... Some (mostly commercial claims) have increased substantially more!

10.) "How much does the Property Sentinel cost? I could not find pricing on your website."

Every property is different, and the costs of deploying the Property Sentinel are based on the specific measures that we take to reduce YOUR exposure to loss.

The most basic package is our "Pre-Scope" service for hail and wind at $250 per year. This includes documenting the exterior of your residential structure (commercial is $500) by taking photographs and measurements of notable features.

If you experience a loss from hail or wind during the next calendar year, our documentation is used to show your insurance company the condition that your property was in before the storm as well as to accelerate the claims process. If your insurance claim is approved, the $250 fee is REFUNDED as a credit because by planning ahead, you made our restoration job much easier. The "Pre-Scope" service also includes additional access to our website to view your documents, photos, and measurements as well as a nice "No Soliciting" sign among other things.

Don't underestimate the value of the Keystone Sentinel program; With membership comes significant discounts with our partners; in fact with our Sentinel "Cash-Back" program, you accumulate cash discounts on additional home services like HVAC, Lawn Care, Tree Care, Housekeeping, and a varity of other services you already pay for to take care of your home.

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