Protecting Our Communities

Keystone Restoration & Construction LLC is dedicated to pursuing bad agents and removing them from the 'playing field'. We provide our Clients with a 'No Soliciting' badge for their front door because we are finding that more and more "Storm Chasers" and crooks are ignoring the right to privacy that a 'No Soliciting' sign is designed to exercise.

If you have a 'No Soliciting' sign on your door and a salesperson or contractor knocks or rings the doorbell, simply ask for a business card. If he or she is not prominently displaying a solicitor's badge or if the solicitor refuses to provide a business card or proper identification, CALL THE POLICE! This type of arrogant and intrusive behavior is undermining the harmony of our communities and MUST NOT be allowed to continue. Every year there are dozens of news stories highlighting homeowners who have been taken advantage of. This will continue as long as we allow it to.

Keystone is compiling a list of offenders who refuse to respect the privacy of our Clients. We will donate $10 to the American Red Cross for every offender that is reported using the form to the left.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to providing you with excellent service!

Report Solicitors Who Violated Your Privacy



Please visit the Keystone Emergency Response Team to see what we are doing to support Oklahoma communities and how you can be involved.

KERT sentinel program

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